Wednesday, November 28, 2007

LA Obama Supporter makes the Switch

I had heard about this story awhile back. It's not that big of a deal, people change their minds all the time. What is interesting is this particular Barack Obama supporter was one of his first grassroots supporters. He created a website (previous version here) that served as a hub of Obama campaign activity. In an email exchange, the supporter, Marc Whittemore, wrote this (pilfered from Isilion):

Never having been involved politically I just happened to anticipate his move of running for president and managed to start the first Obama for President site. By virtue of that excellent timing along with my substantial internet and design (Art Director) experience I slaved away as the Director for ObamaLA literally putting in 40 to 70 hours minimum for months and months (on top of a full time job) to build the ObamaLA website (old site: ), fill it with content, all the while brain-storming with other key people that came forth to volunteer trying to come up with an infrastructure that worked and could support a full scale grassroots campaign of several thousand volunteers. I designed the coolest website.. unique t-shirts… ( ) gorgeous buttons — the whole branding, the entire look and feel —ALL of it. It was truly a very professional looking grassroots campaign.

The rest of his email is very compelling. Go to the link there to read the rest of it. But before you do, go to to see who he's supporting now and why.

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