Thursday, November 22, 2007

Postscript - Thanksgiving

I hope everyone out there had a great Thanksgiving! I'm actually indulging in a late night refrigerator raid right now and enjoying a piece of cake.

For the past 3 hours I've been watching watching the Sci-Fi Channel. They've been running a marathon of a show called "Ghost Hunters". Out of 3 shows, the only thing remotely eerie was video of a door opening and closing by itself. Don't get me wrong, it was kind of spooky, but the rest of it was standard cable tv show fare (low budget, contrived, and not quite ready for primetime). Yep, I'm still watching it.

UPDATE: Scifi is showing the "Ghosthunters" episode that takes place in a sanitarium right now. This looks like the spookiest place of all.

The Sci Fi channel has been promoting a show called "Battlestar Galactica: Razor" and a retelling of "The Wizard of Oz" (which looks pretty interesting) preview below:

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