Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Breaking: SCOTUS to hear DC Gunrights case

UPDATE: Breitbart has the first story on it. Here's MSNBC. Conservative Belle has a post on it, and Reason has a blurb and links to other links. From Reason:

Here is the way the Court phrased the granted issue:

“Whether the following provisions — D.C. Code secs. 7-2502.02(a)(4), 22-4504(a), and 7-2507.02 — violate the Second Amendment rights of individuals who are not affiliated with any state-regulated militia, but who wish to keep handguns and other firearms for private use in their homes?”

Just heard about it on MSNBC. The Supreme Court will hear the case that was appealed by officials from Washington DC. More to follow.

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Ron Simpson said...

I did a post on it too.

C.M. Strapz said...

Good and bad, I think. Good, because hopefully court will finally make a real decision on how the 2nd Amendment should be interpreted. Bad, because the appellate court ruling essentially struck down the ban, so this means the Supremes could be intending to uphold the ban.

Bottom line, though... this will not be the last case on guns. If the court strikes down the ban, look for the NRA to bring suit against states (like my state of CA) which have an inequitable system for concealed carry or no concealed carry law at all.