Sunday, November 04, 2007

This November 5th

UPDATE: 9:38 PM PST - East Coast tally $4.3 million, another 2+ hours till midnight on the west coast. There is some speculation that the total number for the day may exceed $5 million based on a possible backlog in processing credit card transactions...

38k + individual donors over 24 hour period (EST)

21k brand new donors - Jesse Benton, Paul campaign spokesman, quoted in NYT

UPDATE: 5:04 PM PST and the total for the quarter is $6,240,167.28. With another 7 hours till midnight out here, it looks like Paul's campaign will net around $4 mill for the day. There should be a bunch of MSM coverage tomorrow.

UPDATE: 2:45 PM PST and Ron Paul's campaign is closing in on $3mil for the day. CNN just did a story on it:

BTW - in answer to Wolf's question, those are donations in real time by people using credit cards/paypal

UPDATE: HOLY CRAP!!! It's 9am PST on November 5th and the ticker shows $4,628,450.69...Nearly $2 mil since 8:30 pm PST last night. Is it possible to get to $4 mil by midnight?

To keep this in perspective, Barack Obama's campaign raised $1.83 mil in 3 DAYS. On top of that, this is exclusively grass roots. Dr. Paul's supporters decided to choose one day where everyone commits to donating (ideally at least $100). I get a kick just watching the totals go up.

UPDATE: Well it's 10:40 pm PST and Ron Paul's campaign ticker shows $3,323,075.07 which, according to my calculations, translates into $547,751.99. A half a million dollars in a little over 2 hours. The pace can't keep up overnight, but tomorrow should be a big day. I feel a little better about Dr. Paul getting closer to 3 mil by the end of the 5th...

As of Sunday November 4th at 8:30 PST Ron Paul's campaign ticker shows $2,775,323.o8 raised so far for the 4th quarter, at 12 EST the biggest fundraising drive for Dr. Paul's campaign begins.

At the end of the day on November 5th, the total dollars donated could be somewhere between $500k to $3million-4million.

Some Ron Paul supporters from NYC are streaming live video from Times Square:

Donate to Dr. Paul's campaign if you are so inclined:

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