Thursday, November 15, 2007


Instead of watching the Democratic debate I thought I'd put random stuff I've found on the web.

I originally found this on Tammy Bruce's Blog and it made its way to Gorillamask:

Men who look like old lesbians!

Phil Spector is candidate number one, but Roy Orbison and Eddie Money also make the cut. If you go through their archives you'll find other not so flattering pictures of everyone from Newt Gingrich, to Imus, to Al Pacino.

Gorillamask also linked to a clip from Best Week Ever that shows Bear Grylls hollowing out a camel ala Luke Skywalker and crawling inside:

Finally, the crew at the Onion talk about how to raise awareness among the people of Darfur to let them know how much we are doing for them:

How Can We Raise Awareness In Darfur Of How Much We're Doing For Them?

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