Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The RogueNation: Holiday Edition

It's been nearly 7 months since I last posted an entry here at The Roguenation. In  that time, the economic depression I've been harping about for the past 3 years has made its way to Main Street. People are feeling the effects of an economic correction that was long overdue. The bad news? I don't think we've hit rock bottom yet. It took Japan the whole decade of the 90's and zero percent interest rates to recover from the malinvestment and bubble creation that they went through in the 80's (does anyone remember growing up to stories about how the Japanese were going to buy all of Hawaii from us and what we didn't lose in WWII we were going to lose in the 80's? I think that was a Magnum PI episode).

Well, at least the central planners in Washington DC know that the worst possible thing we can do is start bailing out companies, whether it's banks, or the "Big 3", or any other private enterprise. Because if we do that, it will only prolong the pain and dig us a deeper hole for us to get out of. Oh wait.... aww crap.

More things I need to get off of my chest (Larry King style):

  • Given the past 8 years, can't we say that "GOP" and "Democrat" mean the same thing? That is, big government statism with central planning douchebaggery from the bureacratic parasites in DC? I mean really, anyone who thinks W is a conservative (in the mold of say Reagan, Goldwater, or Taft) probably still thinks that the Village People, like Tom Cruise's character in "Top Gun" aren't gay. At least the Dems are out of the closet, so to speak, on their grand politburo designs...

  • Speaking of gay (not that there is anything wrong that), I switched over from a PC laptop to one of the new aluminum macbooks from Apple. Three words: FAB U LOUS. I've used Windows XP for years, (on both my desktop and laptops) and knowing what I know now, I probably should have switched years ago...it's easy to use, intuitive, plus I can run XP on the macbook (though I haven't had to yet)...oh yeah, I got an iphone for my personal cel and it runs circles around the blackberries that we got for company use...

  • Here's a link to a SFW gallery of one of my favorite supermodels: Allesandra Ambrosio

  • I like to think of it as a palate cleanser after that previous paragraph...

  • Oh yeah, I'm in the market for a gas guzzling full size SUV, I was leaning toward the Chevy Tahoe (for business purposes). I can't carry all of the guns I'm going to start collecting in my Volvo (Nevada has a really healthy respect for the 2nd Amendment, a big plus in my book.)

  • The good thing about the depression we are in: TAX REVOLTS! We are going to see more and more people say "screw  you, I need to feed my family" to government. This is a great thing, stop feeding the monster that is government and it will be forced to shrink (it's our fault for letting it get this big anyway). I think not paying taxes someone isn't liable for is one of the most american and patriotic DUTIES that we have as citizens of this country. Our country was founded on a tax revolt. THAT tradition will make a comeback in '09...

Merry Christmas to all! I wish everyone out there peace, happiness, and hope.

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