Friday, November 30, 2007

Ron Paul on track to be biggest GOP fundraiser

From Politico:

Ron Paul may not win his party’s primary, but he is on track to capture another big title: top Republican fundraiser for the final quarter of the money-obsessed 2008 presidential primary.

In the first two months of the quarter that began Oct. 1, Paul already has raised more than $9.75 million (ed. he is at $10.3 million), putting him easily within range to best the amount rival Mitt Romney received from donors during the entire third quarter.
There was another "moneybomb" scheduled for today (which will probably net an additional $600k by the time everything is said and done), but is nowhere close to the November 5th total collected of $4.3 million. The good news is this particular one was put together in a week.

The bad news (for the other candidates at least) is that the big one is scheduled on December 16th. I'm predicting between around $8 million for the new teaparty. By the end of this quarter, Dr. Paul should have raised around $16-$20 million.

Viva le Revolucion!

Ann Coulter mentioning Ron Paul and Neville Chamberlain:

Ron Paul post debate spin room interviews

The audio is ok, but the speech is great and the crowd is LOUD:

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Anonymous said...

Although Hillary, Romney, and Giuliani won't win their party primaries, they are certainly working very hard to catch up to the levels of support the American people are clearly showing for Ron Paul.

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