Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ron Paul Linkorama part II

It's been a good week for Dr. Paul and his campaign. The record setting $4.2 million dollars that his supporters raised on November 5th generated tens of millions of dollars in free publicity. With the economy and the value of the dollar both heading south, Ron Paul gave Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke a very public dressing down that was broadcast on CNBC (and had traders cheering his name while the market was in session). He spoke yesterday at a rally that was attended, by some estimates, as many as 4000 supporters. This past week could very well be the week that Dr. Paul's campaign officially moved into the "top tier".

Building on that momentum, December 16th will be the date for Ron Paul's next "moneybomb". Why that day? Because that's the day of the Boston Tea Party silly!

Links to some of the interesting vids and stories and interviews of Dr. Paul's record breaking week:

New York Times via fairest and best overview of his campaign so far

Dr. Paul on Meet the Press: Part I and Part II

Lew Rockwell with the top 100 political websites

Paul and Bernanke and the report of the traders cheering Dr. Paul's name

A local PA paper gives does an article on Paul

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