Monday, November 26, 2007

Breaking: Senator Trent Lott puts in his 2 week notice

Well, he's leaving the Senate anyway. Conservative Belle has the run down with updates and links to blogosphere reaction (he won't be missed):

It seems there is no love lost for Mississippi's native son. Arguably Lott has done a lot for Mississippi - but perhaps too much pork (i.e., the train to nowhere), the Shamnesty legislative support, and his outspoken remarks about talk radio running America have caused the tides to turn. I think if Mississippi would ever promote self-induced term limits on their elected officials, there would be representation in the Beltway. No one ever runs against the incumbents in that state and succeeds in unseating them, no matter how hard they may try. This applies to Democrats and Republicans

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Conservative Belle said...

Thanks for the cross-link. Lots of buzzing around these parts...