Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ron Paul Linkorama

It looks like the Ron Paul blimp is going to fly. As of this morning, there are $383,000 worth of pledges at , they were looking to raise $350,000.

Dr. Paul interviewed on Fox and Friends this morning (talking about the Bunny Ranch endorsement):

He also was the subject of a CNN piece this morning as well:

A column by Michael Scheuer, author of the book "Imperial Hubris". His column is called "What the World Could Expect from Dr. Ron Paul's Non-Interventionist America" The title of the column is longer than his book. But the whole piece works to explain our history on non-interventionism and what it would mean if America truly went to war (emphasis mine):

Going to war would once again require a formal, constitutional declaration by the U.S. Congress; the world would see America involved in far fewer wars, and none started by the whim of a single man and the foreign-influenced ideological clique around him. And when war was declared, America’s foes would absorb an application of U.S. military force that would both utterly destroy them and their supporters, and serve as a warning to other miscreants bent on doing America harm.
The whole column is here

The CNN/Youtube Debate for the GOP is on tonight at 8 pm EST and 5 pm out here in Cali. watch the live stream at, Michelle Malkin is liveblogging it, as well as Conservative Belle, Red State Eclectic will have live chat. I'll be lurking at those spots as well as at Ron Paul forums, and Ron Paul Radio.

I'm guessing this will be the night where people really start swinging hard at each other. Hopefully there will be tough questions asked about the economy, inflation, the falling dollar, and the volatility of the stock market.

Finally, TNR has an article broaching the subject of what our world would be like without a central bank:
Some of the country's greatest economists, including Nobel Prize winners, have been saying for years that the Federal Reserve has probably caused more problems than it has solved since its creation in 1913. Its role in the last century's boom and bust cycles is a matter of record; it looks as though it played a similar role in the current housing market crisis too.
Could it be possible to eliminate the Fed? Only if a certain OB/GYN gets elected. He's the only candidate talking about it.

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