Friday, November 16, 2007

What does $100,000 get you these days?

A full page ad in USA today of course:

The full page ad commissioned by Lawrence Lepard is complete and is set to appear in USA Today on Wednesday November 21st with a right hand placement in the first section- NEWS. The word is that USA Today was willing to do this ad because it was a grassroots effort, amazing.The concept for the ad was originally developed by "max" here at and tailored based on Lawrence's wishes from hundreds of comments from forum members in an open source ad development methodology.

Reason # 4,234,345 why Ron Paul will win the GOP nomination.

What even the blogosphere hasn't figured out yet is that the "unofficial" campaign overshadows the "official" campaign in so many ways. Sure,$2300 is the maximum contribution that an individual can make to a candidate. But the value of people going out there, on their own, waving signs, paying for advertisements on their own, creating youtubes, writing blogs, paying for banners to flyover football games (OSU vs. Michigan is one I know is happening this weekend) and Nascar events (that's happened at least once) is beyond estimation. How do you measure the value of that? Has that reached tens of millions of dollars? At least, in my guesstimation.

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