Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Scandal!!! at GOP Strawpoll in San Francisco

UPDATE: Thanks to anonymous for posting the youtube!

This is actually a pretty funny story because it shows you how much of a sham the whole political process is. The fact is, these Ron Paul supporters did exactly what the organizer of the dinner asked so that they could have a vote in the straw poll. That the vote was canceled because the results weren't going to be to the liking of the organizer reflects poorly on the organization itself. Why take a vote at all? In this case they didn't. This story is going to get more press than if the vote were carried out and Ron Paul was declared the winner.

Not really, but an interesting story that I found a blurb about on

Scores of Ron Paul supporters showed up to the San Francisco Republican Alliance dinner, where they were treated to an hour and a half of speeches for Fred Thompson. When Ron Paul supporters asked to speak, they were told that time had run out and they held a raffle. After the raffle, the organizers announced that the rest of the program had been cancelled.

I found this detailed eyewitness account of the dinner at this thread at ronpaulforums:

The San Francisco Republican Alliance’s Common Sense Supper Club announced that local Republicans were invited to attend a holiday buffet party and Presidential straw poll vote on the evening of Tues. Dec. 4. On the morning of the event, a Ron Paul supporter spoke by phone with the chairperson and hostess. The supporter was told that if he and any other Ron Paul supporters wanted to attend, they could either participate in both the buffet starting at 6:45pm and the later straw poll for $33, or come later at 8:15pm solely to vote in the straw poll for a discounted entrance fee of $5, provided they did not eat any food. The Ron Paul supporter then posted the event on Meetup, and we ended up with a huge crowd of Ron Paul supporters arriving at the event. At least 15 or more of the 80 guests seated at the buffet were Ron Paul supporters, while those who came at 8:15pm solely to vote for Ron Paul numbered an additional 40. These 40 people were forced to wait outside of the event standing in the lobby for at least an hour until 9:30pm or later. Finally, the 40 people were allowed into the event room after paying the previously-quoted entrance fee of $5. The total of approximately 55 or more Ron Paul supporters, who wore Ron Paul buttons and carried Ron Paul signs, made it clear to all in the room that the Ron Paul supporters outnumbered supporters of all other candidates. As a side note, the Fred Thompson supporters had during the entire event posted a huge Fred Thompson sign on the wall inside the event, and had distributed Fred Thompson campaign literature at every place-setting at every table.
There are pics, and allegedly video. Quick search on youtube didn't yield anything.

I think this story is friggin hilarious, who knew there were 55 Republicans in San Francisco?

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