Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Final Countdown

Update 8:13pm PST: I'm listening to and the servers at are getting bombed in this last hour. The total over donated on their counter is $17.6 million dollars. It's possible that the ticker will reach $18 million dollars if their servers don't crash! Which will bring the total for the day to $6.5 million!!

Update: 9:04 pm - ronpaulforums= crashed awesome

Update 8:49 PM:$17,920,552 - this is going to be close

Update and Bump:

December 16th could be bigger fundraising wise than November 5th. I'm predicting anywhere between $500k and $8million. I'm going to start watching at 8 pm to see how fast that thermometer goes up. It's addicting.

UPDATE: Daily Paul has a initial total at $11,552,560.73, it's 10:13 PST and thermometer just hit $12 mil. Wow, nearly half a million dollars after first hour. Friggin amazing!

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