Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Kate Beckinsdale is sexy

Let's see:

1. Sexy English accent: check
2. Knows how to dress when leaving the house: check
3. Isn't a spendthrift and likes to save some money by shopping at Target: check
4. TRO keeping my distance to 500 feet away from her expired: check

Doesn't everyone have that fantasy of shopping at Target and being locked in the store with Kate Beckinsdale after closing time and not being able to leave. Then you're forced to work together for your own survival because no one's coming to the rescue. Then she sees how resourceful and smart you are at assembling tents and gathering canned food and she begins to fall in love with you like you knew she would.

What about cellphones you say? Yeah, thanks for ruining my dreams. Bastards.

For more pics of Kate go to What Would Tyler Durden Do?

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1 comment:

Ron Simpson said...

as good as she looks here, she looked better in leather in Underworld