Sunday, December 02, 2007

Chicks digg Ron Paul

Yes, Donna D'errico is endorsing Ron Paul. So is this girl, these redheaded girls, and this girl (whose working on a calender titled "Hotties for Ron Paul". Hopefully, PJ O'Rourkes hot chick theory holds true for Ron Paul's campaign.

If I could only convert her and her over to Ron Paul I could die a happy man. lol

In the meantime here's Tara's latest yoga video "Girl on Girl Yoga" (unfortunately for me, the title is the most provocative thing about the vid):

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Conservative Belle said...

I really do like many of Ron Paul's views.

Let me give you a reason why Paul gives me concern. His foreign policy. I do fear Muslim extremists. I don't believe Paul when he says that if we would leave them all alone, they would leave us alone. I want to feel secure and I'm concerned about how he feels about strengthening and building our military. I know he wants to secure our borders on the homeland, but I'm not sure that is enough. Security is a big issue for me.

Conservative Belle said...

That being said, you are probably the one who could convince me about Paul because your arguments always appeal to my constitutional sensibilities. ;)

Anonymous said...

Tara Stiles is smokin' and Ron Paul sux