Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Ron Paul Linkorama

The Ron Paul Blimp is scheduled to launch next week. There was a tiny blurb about it in the Advance Press:

One of the largest blimps in the world will be launched in Weeksville on Monday promoting Republican Ron Paul’s presidential bid.

The blimp tour supporting the Texas congressman’s presidential campaign is slated to formally kick off next week out of Airship Management Services’ office in Weeksville.

A revamp of the site ronpaulblimp.com will include a way to track where the blimp is via GPS in real time as well as a way to purchase advertising while the blimp is flying over events.


Vijay Boyapati left a job with Google to head up Operation Live Free or Die. He wants to get a thousand volunteers to move to New Hampshire and campaign on behalf of Dr. Paul. It looks like he'll be getting around that many in next couple of weeks.


Finally, Wolf Blitzer had a nice segment on Ron Paul and did an interview with Pat Buchanan immediately afterward

Finally (really) Dr. Paul made an appearance on "The View", Conservative Belle has the video

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