Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Why Shouldn't Bush tell Israel What's What?

Over at the Hill Chronicles Layla writes this:

Bush has vowed to return to Israel in May to check if the government there is listening and heeding his threats, warnings, and implementing his plans - plans for a nation that he is not the leader of. Bush told the Kenesset to heed to the plan and stick by Olmert and help him to achieve the two state solution.

Who in the hell does Bush think he is? No one died and named him god. The one and only G-d, which is the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were bequeath the land by G-d and told to never divide this land or woe to the man that does.

If you read the comments, then you will see that I take issue with the premise of Layla's reasoning:

Don’t you think that since we give them aid we should have a say in what Israel and the other Middle East countries do?

That’s what our foreign policy is, we give aid to those governments and in exchange for that aid we get a say in how those governments conduct themselves. Period. Right?

She responded:
Maximus Israel is very capable of taking care of itself. Their economy is not based on oil, but based on technology and medicine. Per captia Israel is the fourth richest nation in the world.

Talk to me!

I wrote back:
I don’t disagree with you, I guess my point is, if we send taxpayer dollars to Israel, we should get a say in what and how they run things over there.
Why shouldn't Bush go over there expecting Israel to bend to our wishes? It's my tax dollars that are going over there, I should be able to go over there and declare a national holiday there if I want to.

The fact of the matter is, we give 3 times the amount of aid to Israel's Arab neighbors than we do to Israel herself (and it's not like we don't expect the Arab states to do our bidding). If we stopped all foreign aid then Israel still comes out ahead. I'm so friggin brilliant.

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Conservative Belle said...

Agreed and I cracked up at the part about declaring a national holiday. How would one celebrate an RM holiday?

Layla said...

I am not sure you are so brilliant. Your premise is correct to a degree, but this will not stop the bloodshed nor the fact that Arabs want to anhilate all Jews and drive them out of their inherited homeland from G-d -after all, the Jews are G-ds chosen people.

The Bible is clear, "I will bless those that bless thee, and curse those that curse thee." Genesis 12:3

Bush is interfering with Israel - he has no right to tell them they cannot protect themselves against the terrorist thugs that call themselves Palestinians, a people that never existed in the annals of history.

There were never a Palestinian people, there is no contributions from them, nor a currency proving their existance - nothing.

Palestinians are the great Arab lie - they are the Arabs that left Israel in 1948 because their leaders told them to leave, but later came back claiming a stake when Israel was given their state because their leaders scrambled to solve the problem they created - Israel was given the land that is rightfully theirs that the world now wants to resind on.

Woe to those that mess with Israel - I have no sympathy or pitty for those that do not love Israel or G-ds chosen people. Period.

That is not Brilliant, but it is true reverence to the G-d of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

It was the stroke of Churchill's pen that created the problems prevailing in the Middle East.