Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Ron Paul is a Nazi-loving, Race-baiting, Homophobic, Card Carrying JBS'er who Eats Babies (as all JBS cranks are Wont To Do)

Seriously, that's what I heard.

The New Republic's James Kirchick made a name for himself yesterday, what that name is has yet to be determined. What can be said is that a careful reading of the article published yesterday and his subsequent appearance plugging that article yesterday on Tucker's show (click here to watch) revealed nothing more than politics as usual. It surprises me not at all that the piece came out the day of the NH primary, that the "evidence" wasn't available at the time the article was published, but came along later in the day. What does surprise me is that the blogosphere and the MSM are raising this issue of the newsletters as if it were new.

As someone who has spent the past 9 months devouring everything that Dr. Paul has written, watching or listening to every speech and interview available online (trust me there's plenty) and comparing them to the language that is used in the offending newsletters it becomes clear there are more than enough distinctions in tone and style that Dr. Paul's explanation holds water. Does it excuse the fact that those words bear his name? Not at all, in fact a legitimate criticism can be made that his lack of oversight may reflect his executive management skills.

Looked at in another way, given the fact that Ron Paul isn't afraid to say what he thinks and his views haven't changed in nearly 30 years, why wouldn't he just come out when asked and say "I think black people are inferior" or "I hate gays" or "I eat babies". It's because if you examine his philosophy and his record it's just not true. The belief in and respect for individual rights precludes him from having any other position than what he's been talking about for the past 3 decades.

Hmm...I wonder if I can hire Kirchick to write a piece about Huckabee.

For a well-articulated dissection of the Kirchick piece click here.

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