Friday, January 11, 2008

The Case for Ron Paul: Can You Make It?

An interesting question. The whole post by Ace is here. It's a good perspective of where "compassionate conservatism" is today.

So I took the parameters of Ace's post on good faith and posted this comment (what a friggin mistake that was). I actually think I'm stupider for making the attempt:

124 Ace-

Tying the dollar to something like gold doesn't have to be done overnight, in fact it wouldn't be something that would make sense. But something that Dr. Paul advocates is FA Hayeks idea of restructuring the laws so that competition isn't just the province of the wealthy and supermodels.

The fact of the matter is inflation, contrary to government claims, is running at 10-13 percent. Which means that people who are on fixed incomes like old people who get cost of living increases of 2-3 percent are losing ground.
Which of course prompted this response from someone named "Nom de blog":
131 "The fact of the matter is inflation, contrary to government claims, is running at 10-13 percent." -- Randolphus Maximus above @ 124 (Is this another erg posting?)

I'm pretty sure that is a conspiracy theory.
So of course I had to respond:
136 Nom de Blog-

Not at all, just look at the price of oil, gold, and nearly everything else in terms of dollars. The dollar has lost 30-35 percent of it's purchasing power since 2001 and the reason that oil and gold are reaching record highs in terms of dollars is not just because of demand from the Chinese. It's because inflation in this country is running higher than the 3-4 percent the government is claiming. That's all.

And in case FY, NQ is code for something EAD, MF
and he wrote back:
139 Randolphus Maximus,
I don't debate people without them at least first displaying some level of knowledge about basics. Since you have not displayed anything but addle-brained spittle-spewing silliness, the only thing you'll get from me is mockery. I'm sure it won't matter to you because you're in on the secret that nobody else knows about the "REAL INFLATION RATE" because of all the "INTERNATIONAL MONEY MEN" who are using the black muscle to move in on you. (Since you're an Herr Doktor supporter I'm sure you understand the need for inappropriate capitalization and code language.)

And the fact that you don't get the AoSHQ mailer doesn't excuse you not knowing an inside joke.

Oh, wait. Yes it does. You're new around here because you're a Paulbot who has, because you know the secrets that others don't, come to defend Herr Doktor since critiques of his idea of TRUTH, LIBERTY and the ORIGINAL INTENT of the CONSTITUTION are offered. And right on cue you start speaking of things about which you know little if anything.

Now, get me a juice box. Grape, if you please.
And when you come back from the fridge I'd like you to dance a jig -- but not in front of the TV.
Notice that the person trying so hard to bring up "conspiracy theories" is the Nom de Retard. So of course I responded:
146 Nom de blog-

In case you haven't been paying attention, gold is hitting record highs in terms of dollars per ounce and just like oil has been hitting records in pp barrel in terms of dollars, if you think it's completely because of the demand of other countries, maybe you don't understand basic economics. If your idea of inflation is limited to "prices go up" then yeah, there is book by Thomas Sowell called Basic Economics that you might want to check out.

And I've been lurking around here long enough that if you want to play the absolute moral authority card go ahead.
And he wrote back:

147 " is hitting record highs in terms of dollars per ounce..."
-- RM @ 146 above

Are you adjusting that for your 13% inflation rate. Because if you are gold is nowhere near a record. Do you realize that your last two comments are directly contradictory.

Oh, that's right. You're an ignorant Paulbot and you're supposed to be dancing. Dance faster, with your small brain.
To which I wrote:
152 Nom de blog-

Why don't you give me your definition of inflation and I'll tell you where you are wrong. It's not contradictory at all.
And he wrote back:
154 You're not dancing fast enough.
Dance faster.

Gold is at an all time high.
Inflation is 13%.
These statements aren't contradictory.

You know, come to think of it, that's a pretty fine tap dance around sense. Gregory Hines would be impressed.
Then I said:
156 Nom-

"record highs" is what I wrote; "Gold is at an all time high." is how you translated it.

Come on, do you want to talk about monetary policy or not?
Then he said:
159 I suppose a record high is any high that gets recorded.
That's a very lame dance.

Impress me with your knowledge of finance. Please. I'm a bit down right now and nothing beats a good chuckle for a pick-me-up.

Of course I fell for the serious discussion ploy:
161 Nom-

I'm not asking this to goof on you, seriously, do you know what inflation is? And do you know what money is?

I should have known better:
163 RM,
You're not dancing quickly enough.
You've offered nothing of substance.
Self-contradictory flimflam hardly counts as a substantive point.

Dance, monkey, dance. (ed. isn't that racist?)
My response:
164 Thought so
And that's the level of discourse in the comments section of Ace's blog.

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Conservative Belle said...

Sometimes it gets a bit much there. It seems from what you posted, you were being more than fair.

Sometimes I get exasperated with attempts at reasonable discourse that go overlooked. Often logic goes unnoticed. And frequently, minds are closed. It's AoS, though. You go there knowing that. There were some other commenters after that which made some interesting and reasonable points to yours (without insult).

p.s. I am doing some research to respond to your comment on my blog about RP's 5 little boats point.

C.M. Strapz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
C.M. Strapz said...

This is my point about Paul being marginalized. I don't support him, and I laid out my reasons. Others find it easier to simply call names and drink the kool-aid for their candidate then to engage in any rational thought process.

It's not even worth talking to morons like that.