Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Simi Valley Debate Clips

Pilfered from Mr. Chubbs at Liberty Maven and the Ron Paul Forums:

Q1 - Are we better off?

Q2 - States Rights and a plea to answer previous question (not given)

Q3 - On Huckabee's Highway as economic stimulus

Q4 - On Appointing Justice O'Conner

Q5 - On McCain's 100 Years in Iraq statement (He hit this one out of the park and made McCain squirm)

Q6 - Leadership Capability(An excellent response on the true role of the President, for that matter for the the Federal goverment)

Q7 - Would Reagan Endorse You?


CNN Post Debate Interview (video starts about 30 seconds in, I'll put up another copy when I find it):

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Conservative Belle said...

I thought Paul actually did well. I liked the answers on Q4 and Q5, when he said McCain and Romney were acting silly. However, I will say this - Romney needed to get that out in the open. The media will be talking about that for days. McCain is a liar.

I didn't watch the post-show junk because I couldn't stand listening to the HUGE man-crush that the CNN anchors have on McCain.

Anonymous said...

ok I was curious how much CNN let Ron Paul speak at the Simi Valley deabte... I timed all the candidates

Romney> 29 minutes 56 seconds
McCain> 26 minutes 3 seconds
Huckabee> 16 minutes 5 seconds
Paul> 6 minutes 46 seconds

I may be off by seconds...hell even a minute or two....but it's quite clear there is no fairness to this election from the media

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