Thursday, January 24, 2008

GOP Debate: Snoozapalooza

Not very exciting tonight, but here are Dr. Paul's questions and answers courtesy of LibertyMaven and Ron Paul Forums (UPDATED Question 6 Link):

Q1: Economy

Q2: Taxes/Economy

Q3: Iraq

Q4: Ron questions McCain on Financial Working Group (it shows that McCain really doesn't know anything about economics) But to be fair, Ron's question was probably a little too esoteric for general audiences.

Q5: Social Security (good one)

Q6: Third Party and Republicanism (THIS WAS GOOD)
[UPDATED] Muchos Gracias to Mr. Chubbs at Liberty Maven

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1 comment:

mrchubbs said...

Hi... this is Marc from LibertyMaven... YouTube took down the final Ron Paul answer so I re-uploaded it.

The new URL to watch Question 6 is available here: