Monday, January 14, 2008

Nino Brown says F*** You to the IRS

Well, that's what Nino Brown would have said, if he were a real person. It turns out that Wesley Snipes is facing income tax charges of some sort. The fact that the amounts in dispute are huge and Snipes is a well known personality gives a lot of publicity to another issue that (like the idea of getting rid of the central bank) comes across as crackpot at first blush (which shows how far we've fallen as a country, since the United States is a country born from a tax rebellion) but if you actually look at it shows what a ripoff the income tax is.

Anyway, I've always thought that the income tax is one of the most arbitrary and destructive force to the principles of our country that has ever rolled down the pike. It's invasive and punitive and should be one of the first things that should be eliminated as soon as possible. The way that the income tax is enforced requires its citizens to put aside ideas such as the First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendment (those inalienable rights get tossed aside when money is concerned).

I remember when I was in eighth grade looking for books to read at the public library and coming across a book called "The Federal Mafia" by Irwin Schiff. That book gave me one of the first exposures to what the ideals are that this country was founded on and how the income tax perverts or ignores those ideals. I've exchanged correspondence with him a few times (it's not like he's going anywhere) and he's still pretty sharp and still fighting to get rid of the income tax.

For a great read about the abuses of the IRS, the late Senator William Roth (creator of the Roth IRA) wrote a book a number of years ago called "The Power to Destroy".

Or there is a film by the late Aaron Russo called "Freedom to Fascism" that shows what exactly how the income tax came about:

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