Friday, March 14, 2008

Pajamas Media Blogosphere Reaction to Falling Dollar and Government Bailouts: Outrage and Silence But Mostly Silence

I took a brief survey of the Pajamas Media Blogosphere that I visit on my web travels looking for the reactions to the dollar crisis that has been brewing for awhile and is finally coming to a head. Let's see:

Hotair: There's a nice video of Dana Perino's appearance on the Daily Show, but no mention of the Bear Stearns bailout by the government, or the continued free fall of the dollar. Come on, I would have thought Ed Morrissey would have had something to say about it.

LGF: There's a couple of entries about Obama and his religion, Elliot Spitzer gets goofed on a bit as well. But nothing about the economy or the dollar there either.

Malkin: Michelle See-dubya has a story about Obama, Michelle writes about Dickie Scruggs as well as an entry about the super-secret session in Congress that didn't accomplish anything. Anything about the financial health of the country? Not today, maybe something on Monday.

Ace: We have a winner! An entry on the bailout for Bear Stearns. It's a brief mention because entries about Obama and Spitzer dominate.

One entry out of all of the PJM blogs I visited mentioned the big financial news today. What's wrong with them? They are supposed to be "conservative" but nothing about the bailout? Malkin, to her credit, has talked about the sub prime mortgage crisis that has been developing into a story over the past year, and her take on that has been correct. Suck it up, no bailouts for the people who took crappy loans. Does that apply to the banks and other financial institutions? I don't recall seeing any mention from her about the dollar tanking in the past few months either. Why is that?

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