Monday, March 24, 2008

Hmmm, Intriguing.

There's talk that former Congressman Bob Barr could run for President as the Libertarian Party nominee. From the Washington Times:

"There is great deal [of] dissatisfaction with the candidates for the two major parties, particularly among conservatives, but also a great deal of Internet and other support for a candidate like Ron Paul who advocates libertarian and true conservative principles," said Mr. Barr, who is now a Libertarian.
If he were to get the nomination, his presence could really hurt John McCain. McCain already has enough problems with the hard core base as it is. The presence of Bob Barr (whose conservative cred is well documented) would only highlight McCain's weakness with that base. I think I'd vote for him instead of McCain.

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C.M. Strapz said...

More acceptable than the rest out there... but I'm still voting for Ralph. Not Nader... the other Ralph.

The Swindle said...

It'd be nice if some steps were taken to make the libertarian party a real party.

Conservative Belle said...

CM, OMG! Too funny.

Swindle, kind of like Pat Buchanan made the Reform Party a real party? Heh.

RM, this is definitely an interesting turn of events. I'll try to blog later and link you.