Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Another Casualty in the War

The War on Drugs that is:

Imagine you're home alone.

It's 8 p.m. You work an early shift and need to be out the door before sunrise, so you're already in bed. Your nerves are a bit frazzled, because earlier in the week someone broke into your home. Oddly, they didn't take anything; they just rifled through your belongings.

But the violation weighs on your mind. At about the time you drift off, you're awakened by fierce barking from your two large dogs. You hear someone crashing into your front door, as if he's trying to separate it from its hinges. You grab the gun you keep for home defense and leave your room to investigate.

This past January that scenario played out at the Chesapeake, Virginia, home of 28-year-old Ryan Frederick, a slight man of little more than 100 pounds. According to interviews since the incident, Frederick says when he looked toward his front door, he saw an intruder trying to enter through one of the lower door panels. So Frederick fired his gun.
The story isn't over yet. It turns out that the intruders were the Cheseapeake Police Department. They were serving Ryan Frederick a drug warrant using a tactic called a "noknock" raid .

Fredericks fired his weapon and ended up hitting Detective Jarod Shivers, who died of his wounds. Now, Ryan Frederick is on trial for murder.

Read the rest over at Reason.

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1 comment:

Ron Simpson said...

I gotta tell you, if I were on that jury, I would not vote to aquit, but for innocent. If someone broke into my home the same way, I would shoot too. And as I am trained in CQB from my time in the military, plus the fact that I am a deadshot with my pistol, I would not be missing often. I got a 30 round mag full of some pretty lethal ammo (plus four full backup mags......)