Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I think I'm in love

The only type of car I've ever owned has been 2 door coupes. From the Chevy I had in high school, to the bulletproof Toyota I kept for 10 years, to the Volvo coupe I have now, I've never had anything with more than 2 doors.

Now, the Aston Martin DBS is way out of my price range, and will be for all time (unless I win the lottery) but the new Audi A5 is not. It's brand new, and is more Grand Tourer than race car but I look at pics of it and can't wait to see what one looks like in real life:

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C.M. Strapz said...

Screw that... Audi R8 ftw


Randolphus Maximus said...

It would be cool if I lived my live a quarter mile at a time but since I don't and I'm not auditioning for "Fast and Furious 4" I'll pass.

Actually the R8 reminds me more of the "Back to the Future" Delorean than anything else. I think I'd still take the Aston Martin DBS before the R8 but it looks like the R8 is around $100k cheaper

Conservative Belle said...

I thought the way you were going to win over Tara Stiles was going to be with your looks, charm and of course your Aston Martin. ;)