Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Senate Panel backs Law of the Sea Treaty

From AP:

The Reagan-era "Law of the Sea" treaty was primed for its first-ever Senate vote, boosted by strong support from the Bush administration and an emphatic vote of approval Wednesday by the Foreign Relations Committee.

With Senate ratification, the United States would join 155 nations that are party to a convention that sets rules and settles disputes over navigation, fishing and economic development of the open seas and establishes environmental standards.

Really, why do we even have a State Department? It's their job to talk to other countries. Do we really need to submit our sovereignty to the UN? What a joke. If I were running for President, I would be hammering all of the Senators who want to abdicate their duty to protecting and defending the Constitution by supporting this ridiculous treaty. This should be brought up at every debate for every presidential candidate to answer.

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