Sunday, October 21, 2007

LieStoppers: Professor Anderson tells it like it is

LieStoppers: Professor Anderson tells it like it is

I started reading Professor Anderson's columns for his take on the Duke Lacrosse case over a year ago. Here it is 6 months after North Carolina AG Roy Moore declared the accused innocent and a criminal investigation of Nifong and the local law enforcement hasn't even begun. Are we ever going to see criminal charges for DA Nifong or the police department involved with the Duke Lacrosse case? William Anderson says "When hell freezes over":

The reason is simple: the politics of race. Seligmann, Finnerty, and Evans are white, and their accuser, Crystal Gail Mangum, is black. The NAACP and other black organizations had staked all of their credibility to the charges being true, and desperately tried to keep the case alive, even when it was exposed as a lie. Furthermore, the rape crisis organizations and feminist groups also refused to let go of the lies that propelled this case in the first place. The radical faculty members, employees, administrators and students at Duke also rebelled at seeing this "opportunity" slip through their fingers, so they insisted that Cooper either had covered up the evidence or had been kowtowing to white supremacists. In other words, even the truth could not stop business as usual, so people from these groups simply comforted themselves with the Big Lie that the players were guilty of rape, but were going to skirt justice because of their race and family incomes.

Racial politics at the expense of justice, I shouldn't even act like I'm shocked.

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