Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Legislators Are Busy, Solving Problems

It's a good thing we have full-time legislatures in this country. With no fewer than 2 wars currently being prosecuted and massive deficit spending, the House, Senate, and SF Board of Supervisors have decided to spend their time tackling the important issues: radio talk shows.

San Francisco supervisors condemn Savage

Senate condemns Limbaugh

Hilary and Obama Sign Letter to Clear Channel Condemning Limbaugh

The Republicans are just as bad - but I can't find the link. Yesterday, they passed a resolution supporting Limbaugh. Why are we paying these people? Now - don't get me wrong, the more time they waste on this, the less time they can be spending on passing more laws, which is good. But, is this really how the government should be spending its time? It makes me want to write a letter condemning their waste of resources... if only I had time. Unlike the politicians, I actually have to work for a living.

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