Monday, October 22, 2007

San Diego Fires

10/23/07 7:57 AM UPDATE:

I had scheduled this appointment last week and am getting my car serviced this morning, they are running a skeleton crew and advised me that they will close early if advised to evacuate. I can overhear a number of employees talking about how the fire has affected them.

I had to get on the freeway for a couple of miles to get to the dealership and there was no traffic at all.

UPDATE: And Still I Persist has tons of updates from Escondido

I hadn't really been paying attention to the fires that have been ravaging the Malibu area of Southern California. Then I take a step outside of my place here in San Diego and there is ash falling everywhere. I turn on the radio just now and Governor Schwarzenegger is holding a press conference about the fires raging east of San Diego and to the south close to the Mexican border. It looks like areas of Solana Beach (a beach community north of San Diego) is having some evacuations now.

So far there have been 250,000 evacuations. Qualcomm Stadium (where the Chargers play) which is 2 miles east of my location has been converted into a shelter area.

Local news reports indicate that the government emergency services infrastructure has held up well, with few problems coordinating and communicating with each other.

KUSI has their newsfeed streaming here:

KNSD the local NBC affiliate has news as well:

their live feed is here:

Will update soon.

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Conservative Belle said...

Stay safe and let us hear how things are. It looks really bad and I worry about y'all.

It is similar in some ways to Katrina - people not heeding warnings, not thinking it will be that bad, then not having enough time to evacuate. :(

Randolphus Maximus said...

Thanks for your concern CB.

I've gassed up my car, and have taken some other steps to make for a quick getaway. But based on where I'm at, if I need to evacuate, it will have to be to the ocean. Or Mexico.

I don't think it will come to that, but expect the best, and prepare for the worst, right?