Monday, June 18, 2007

What's wrong with the Siege at Ed and Elaine Brown's House?

Whether you agree or not with the position that Ed and Elaine Brown have taken regarding the income tax there will be some sort of resolution to this situation. It is not without a hint of irony that New Hampshire, the live free or die state, is the setting for a showdown between the government and its citizens. Like it or not, the way that the government handles this should be scrutinized as thoroughly as possible because, truly, if the government comes knocking at your door, this could be what to expect.

Why would Randy Weaver, of Ruby Ridge fame, be compelled to meet up with the Browns? What circumstances justify the use of SWAT teams, snipers, helicopters, etc. for a couple with no history of violence? Sure, they are telling the government to go fuck themselves, but isn’t that part of our national character? There is a peaceful way to settle this standoff, according to Ed and Elaine, show them the law. Why doesn’t the government just show them the law?

There is something more insidious at work here. It is the not so subtle message that you can’t tell the government to pound sand and get away with it. Sure, the government is okay with subsidizing urine soaked crucifixes as artistic expression, but demand them to show you which law you are breaking and you aint gettin’ nuthin. It is the ultimate statement of arrogance on the part of the government. We as citizens should be as, if not more, outraged at this situation as we are about the comprehensive immigration garbage that is being shoved down our throat AGAIN. Following is a link o rama regarding Ed and Elaine:

WMUR is a local TV station with video on Ed and Elaine Browns public statement today

We the People has an overview of what has led to this standoff

Here's the official myspace profile

This is an AP wire story on the Browns and Randy Weaver

Danny Riley is a friend of the Browns who was literally walking the dog and stumbled on government snipers casing the Brown residence. Here's his video account of his encounter with the feds. He got tasered, he was held for questioning and then admonished not to talk about his experience to the press.

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