Sunday, June 24, 2007

Tamper Proof National ID cards

Another thing that Giuliani has been advocating is this idea of a national ID card. It shows how far the GOP has come that this is even up for discussion as a plank in a party that Goldwater and Reagan once epitomized. Here is my opinion on a National ID Card in response to a couple of opinion pieces that showed up here and here:

The idea of a "fool-proof, tamper proof ID" is silly on its face. Set aside for a moment the obvious un-Constitutionality of having such an ID. The "fool-proof" and "tamper proof" characteristics for an ID would last about as long as it would take for a criminal enterprise to make their own, or steal the equipment to make their own, or hack into the database that would store our citizens info. Think about the HD DVD encryption code that was recently hacked and posted online. A private enterprise spent years and untold millions developing that technology to secure their information. The code for it was posted on the internet and all of that work was rendered useless. I'm a conservative and I don't think government could do any better (government would be able to spend more money, but the end result would be the same). Nothing is fool proof, or tamper proof, banks still get robbed, cars still get stolen if the incentive for doing so is great enough and the risk in doing so is acceptable. I believe that being able to access the personal information of every single one of our citizens in a national database would be invaluable and ripe for abuse and fraud and exploitation, by an individual, a criminal enterprise, or a government (our own or someone else, see the cyberwar between Russia and Estonia as only the latest example)

My solution for solving illegal immigration? Decidedly low tech: A) build the wall (the one Congress authorized but did not fund). B) eliminate the minimum wage - let our own citizens compete for the jobs that employers want to hire illegals for. The argument goes that illegals do jobs that our citizens won't do. The reality is honest employers can't hire someone whose output is worth $3 per hour if they have to pay them $7. C) Go after employers who hire illegals D) bring back Eisenhower's "Operation Wetback" E) this could go with B - eliminate all entitlements for illegals, welfare, Social Security, schooling, etc. My solutions try to eliminate the incentives for illegals to cross the border for economic reasons. Terrorists who want to sneak into our country and attack us? That's a whole other response.

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