Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A quaint lesson in history

According to this AP article, there is a boutique hotel in Germany that has as its theme "East Germany, 1985":

The four clocks behind the reception desk of Berlin's new budget hotel
Ostel show the hour in Moscow, Berlin, Havana, and Beijing. Time, however,
appears to have stopped here sometime before 1989, when communism was still
entrenched in all four capitals.

The Ostel offers a renewed whiff of life in the former German Democratic
Republic, welcoming travelers with portraits of communist leaders adorning the

Furnishings — except for mattresses, bed linens, sink and toilets — are the
real thing, dug up by founders Daniel Helbig and Guido Sand from flea markets,
friends, family and eBay.

And once again, freedom, capitalism and the free market prevail.

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