Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Open Carry is legal in New Hampshire

I found this on www.ronpaulforums.com. It's the account of a citizen in New Hampshire with the local police. Here's his account in it's entirety:

Below is a video of my August 5 open carry incident in New Hampshire. It starts audio-only then the video picks up a minute or two later when our pro photographer runs to the scene. Very sorry I wasn't wearing RP shirt at the time.

Basically I'm a liberty activist here; I wear a holstered pistol in public roughly once a week. It's legal in New Hampshire but not that common south of the notches. Cops sometimes ignore, sometimes harass you for doing it. When that happens to me, I don't get angry but use the chance to educate police about the open carry rights of NH citizens.

I was walking 50 yards from my car to the monthly Free Stater meeting at Murphy's Taproom in downtown Manchester. I usually open carry to that meeting.

I was noticed by a state trooper, but I noticed him too and called the Free Staters' emergency hotline before he got to me. In the video you hear my call realtime, as I report my situation and try to explain to our listeners what's happening.

Folks inside the bar also came running out to support me. Police thought it was
pre-planned it happened so fast, like they'd been set up or something. But this
is just how our guys react when they're nearby. I appreciate the fact that the
police were able to maintain calm and respectful demeanor despite some of the
anger directed against them by the crowd. But of course look I forward to the
day when they don't make such stops in the first place.

Note that I am able to lawfully refuse them when they ask for my "papers" and personal information. If you think this is a better outcome than you'd get where you are now.....move your ass up here and share our freedoms!


Thanks to all who showed support during and
after this incident.

Hopefully this video will remind people New Hampshire does allow open carry, that officers here do handle themselves better than in most states, and that the Free Staters are continuing to improve level of support which is available to freedom lovers when police take exception to their responsible exercise of rights.

I live in California. It really doesn't work that way out here. Usually, if your holding a stick you get shot.

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