Friday, August 10, 2007

Global Warming is Real, Provable

According to this article, there has been no evidence of global warming for the last several years because "natural forces" have offset the effects of global warming. This delicate balance will be upset over the next couple of years, as global warming begins "in earnest" in 2009.

Based on my reading of the article, it looks like they used the actual data for the past several years to go back and generate revised forecasts, which now support their contention that 2009 is the magic year where "natural forces" will no longer offset global warming.

It must be nice to never, ever be wrong. I wish that when the data didn't support my conclusions, I could go back and revise my data. No - it's not that global warming is a total fabrication designed to redistribute wealth from the United States to the 3rd world, it's just that "natural forces" have prevented the symptoms from manifesting.

In other news, George Bush has declared that based on the actual data obtained from the war in Iraq, the mission is not technically accomplished as he said in 2003, but it will be in 2009. Just wait and see.*

* May be a complete fabrication.

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