Friday, April 18, 2008

Eclectic Linkorama

I've been so busy this past week that I've neglected to link posts that have caught my eye. So here are a bunch of them:

You know those dumbed down history text books that are politically correct and pretty worthless that they use in public school? I don't think this guy read any of them. From Reason

William Grigg has a couple of posts up about the what the raid on the FLDS Church by the Texas Rangers really means. This one makes a comparison between the Church and State as far as which is more evil and the resulting analysis may surprise you. This post shows that the pretext under which the raid was made may have been false. Could 400 children being taken away from their mothers be based on a lie?

Dr. Ron Paul's speech about capitalism is a must read. Read or listen to "Has Capitalism Failed?" here

"Necessity is the mother of invention" as the saying goes and Conservative Belle has a post up about illegals circumventing the border fencing that we have up.

Here's Ron Paul interviewed by Cavuto on Fox on Tax Day. Brilliant as always:

Finally, here's Vin Suprinowcz on the REAL reason for the 2nd Amendment. As a side note, I had commented over at Ron Simpson's blog that politicians (particularly Democrats) look really retarded when they talk about "guns for hunting" nowadays. Especially since it seems like 2-3 times a year there's a story of someone shooting up a mall, or campus, or other "gun free" zone.

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1 comment:

Conservative Belle said...

Busy? What? You mean you have a life too? Hee-hee. Seriously, I noticed your absence.

Thanks for the link love.

I find that whole FLDS Church thing very disturbing. It reminded me of Waco, sort of.