Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Earmarks, Robert Byrd, and Taxes

I've never read a Dave Barry column before, but people say he's really famous and funny. Well, he is funny, here he is talking about earmarks and Robert Byrd from a column that came out around tax time:

The entire state of West Virginia is covered with a dense layer of federally funded buildings named after Sen. Robert Byrd, who will still be in office centuries after his death, which for all we know has already occurred. There is no end to the list of projects that congresspersons would like you to finance so that they can take the credit.
Further down, he talks about taxes and makes a very salient point:
My point is that, as you do your taxes, you should remember where your tax dollars are going, and recognize that you, as a citizen, have a moral obligation to prepare your tax return with the same degree of conscientiousness that Congress exhibits in spending your money.
Read the whole thing here.

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