Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Best. Column. on. Illegal. Immigration. Evah.

According to Fred Reed, our immigration policy can be described thusly:

To grasp American immigration policy, to the extent that it can be grasped, one need only remember that the United States forbids smoking while subsidizing tobacco growers.
Further down:
We have immigration because we want immigration. Liberals favor immigration because it makes them feel warm and fuzzy and international and all, and from a genuine streak of decency. Conservative Republican businessman favor immigration, frequently sotto voce, because they want cheap labor that actually shows up and works.
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1 comment:

The Swindle said...

The argument that I would make against this of course is that if you factored in class as well as political affiliation, you would have something that looks like this...

Upper Class/Liberal - Pro legal immigration (global community), mixed-pro illegal immigration (realizing the complexities involved with removing naturalized families and benefits of cheap labor)

Lower Class/Liberal - Pro legal immigration (global community), anti-illegal immigration (Follow the rules and enter legally)

Upper Class/Conservative - Pro legal immigration (cheap labor)
Mixed illegal immigration (cheap labor clashing with xenophobia)

Lower Class/Conservative - Anti legal immigration (Dey took er Jerbs!)
Anti illegal immigration (Dey took er jerbs! mixed with xenophobia)