Monday, February 04, 2008

It's Uber Tuesday Tomorrow

And here's the official Randolphus Maximus voter guide for the State of California. You must be registered as a Republican because it's a closed primary out here. Also, if you aren't registered as a Republican or you don't agree with my endorsements stay home. Thanks.:

President: Ron Paul (or Alan Keyes) but mostly Ron Paul

For what it's worth here are the state propositions on the ballot:

Prop 91 - NO - it's no longer necessary because another proposition, 1A has already passed effectively rendering this initiative moot.

Prop 92 - NO whenever I see language like "Sets community college fees at $15/unit per semester; limits future fee increases" I smell price fixing, while the fee to go to community college may be limited, the cost of going to community college is definitely not going to be limited, and who pays for that? The taxpayer.

Prop 93 - NO - I would elect someone continuously if they just left me the hell alone and kept cutting taxes and spending. But that's not what politicians believe in nowadays.

Prop 94, 95, 96, and 97 - NO - It's precisely the mismanagement of government spending that caused the budget shortfall in the first place. Let California make due with the money that it takes in now and don't let one group (the indians) have to pay for the mistakes of the government. It's a targeted tax increase, better to make everybody pissed off and let the government make hard choices and the politicians take the heat.

Strapz has his ballot guide for California here.

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