Wednesday, February 13, 2008

And this is a problem?

So a teenage girl in England finds out that she can't eat anything but tic tacs:

Through trial and error Natalie discovered that she can keep down the Tic Tacs and that they help stave off the sensation of hunger.

Natalie said: “They do give me a bit of energy, but I eat them mostly to get rid of hunger. It is psychological.”

She discovered she could keep the Tic Tacs down by experimenting with mints at home. Natalie, of Maidstone, Kent, said: “When they started to come back up, I started reducing the size. I went from Trebor Extra Strong Mints to Polos and ended up with Tic Tacs.”
She sounds like my dreamgirl! She's going to stay skinny her whole life, she's a cheap date (dinner is like eating for one!), and it's obvious she has self-esteem issues. What? She's 17? Awww, that's way too old for me. Sorry honey, this ship has sailed!

Pilfered from Janette at Alltothunder.

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Janette said...

...and she always has minty fresh breath!!!

Click Here To See It said...

Are you a member of the revolution?

No Really Click Here said...

oops try again