Sunday, February 13, 2005

The Price of Freedom

It would appear that another group out there has won a victory against the IRS. We the People is a group out there that was started by a guy named Bob Shulz who gained a little bit of notoriety a few years back for going on a hunger strike since the government had failed to redress his grievances with regards to the income tax. 9/11 happened and his hearings were cancelled. You can read the complete article here. There is a contingent of people who are questioning the nature of the income tax, is it voluntary? Irwin Schiff has been saying yes for nearly 30 years. Sherry P. Jackson and Joe Bannister are ex-IRS agents who believe that the income tax is being enforced illegally. Websites like "Truth in Taxation" and "PayNoIncometax" exist precisely because the government refuses to answer some very basic questions. Former Senator William Roth (progenitor of the Roth-IRA) wrote a book called "The Power to Destroy" which details horrible accounts of the IRS against it's citizens. Vernice Kuglin was a pilot for Fedex who wrote letters to the IRS to find out what made her liable for the income tax. They never answered her and based on her reading of the law she determined no law made her liable. The IRS charged her with tax evasion and they lost, badly by all accounts. Is there something to the claims that the income tax is voluntary? How come the IRS can't answer simple questions like "What law makes anyone liable for the income tax?" I would say discover what the law says and decide for yourself.

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