Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Observations from my couch

Hey, on ESPN they announced that the NHL is cancelling their season...wait, I really don't care. Really, the NHL had an opportunity to become one of the elite sports leagues in this country, up there with the NBA, NFL, Major League Baseball and yes, Nascar(I'm not kidding). Moving franchises from Canada to the United States(Why does Nashville have a franchise?), getting lots of publicity . Looks like the NHL will be going the way of the AVP, MLS, and that golf game that they play with frisbees. Hasta NHL go back to Canada and take Dan Rather with you.

...This show "Medium" on Monday nights is actually pretty good. The fact that Patricia Arquette sometimes delivers her lines in a way that makes Jerry Seinfeld look like Olivier kind of adds to the show. At first I couldn't help laughing whenever she would talk. But her quirkiness is kind of mesmerizing.

...It doesn't matter if I have a universal remote. I still have 7 sitting in a basket sitting on the coffee table. And I use every single one of them.

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