Thursday, January 27, 2005

News around the world

Check out this news report about some of the interrogation techniques used at Gitmo to "break" the Muslim detainees. "They used sex to break me"

Here's another account from an Englishman who spent 2 years in Guantanomo. "My Hell in Camp X-Ray"
An interesting sidenote is how the writer of the article describes how Mr. al-Harith ended up in Cuba

The website designer, a convert to Islam, had gone to Pakistan in October 2001, a few weeks after September 11, to study Muslim culture.
He accidentally strayed into Afghanistan - believing he was being driven to Turkey - and was arrested as a spy, perhaps because of his British passport. He was held in Kandahar, Afghanistan, and fell into US hands.

How does somebody decide to leave his family in a time of uncertainty such as immediately after 9/11? What is so important to Muslim culture in Pakistan that he couldn't go to a dozen other Arab states in the region ? Or maybe even Mecca? And maybe he should have studied a map as well, how was he going DRIVE to Turkey without going through Afghanistan?

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