Monday, January 24, 2005

But Roguenation, where did you go to school?

Are you an information and news junkie? Is the Drudgereport usually the first stop when you get online? Do you usually read your entire newspaper, front to back? What about the back of cereal boxes? Are you a pop culture literati? My answers to those questions are: Yes, yes, yes,twice on Sundays, and yes, I am. This blog is my attempt to put into words what I see every day (or when I get around to it).

A little bit about me, I'm a Gen X'er. I actually did get a college degree; and I decided today that I would share my worldly views as a thirty-something, white-collar job holding, son of immigrants (legal). I'm not presumptous enough to think about how other people would describe me but the thing about our country is I don't have to care.

My "Jerry Maguire" epiphany came to me this weekend when my 67 year old father underwent heart bypass surgery. Initially, it was supposed to be "just" a triple bypass. While they were in there, they doubled that number (I don't even know what the medical term for it would be).

What amazed me was how routine the process was. My family and I met the surgeon and head nurse at 5:30 am this past Friday so they could answer any questions. They cracked his chest open at 9 am and 4 hours later the surgeon came out and explained what he did. The hospital is looking to discharge him this Tuesday. On top of that, his procedure was one of 3 scheduled that day. Now, that type of medicine is being done in an area of California which wouldn't exactly be considered urban. Semi-rural would be a more apt description. What a country! My gratitude to Dr. Mayer and the staff at Kaweah Delta Hospital in Visalia California.

The hospital experience reminded me of a column written by Dr. Thomas Sowell regarding the benefits of living in a wealthy country.


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