Monday, May 26, 2008

Movie Weekend

Indiana Jones came out this weekend and I have my review of the flick at the end of this post. But first, I've a couple of things (movie related, of course):

First, MovieCrunch has a list of the 20 Worst Chick Flicks of All Time. Needless to say, my favorite movie of all time, "Species" (how can a movie with Ben Kingsley, Michael Madsen, Forrest Whitaker and a constantly naked Natasha Henstridge at the peak of her powers NOT be our "Citizen Kane"?), is nowhere to be found. Which makes the only redeeming quality about this list is the drinking game that was tacked on at the end. Conveniently, I've cut and pasted that here:

1) Take a drink when someone dies of a lengthy illness.
2) Take a drink whenever someone has cancer
3) Take a drink the first time Matthew McConaughey, Richard Gere, or Tom Hanks appears.
4) Take a drink whenever you see a woman over the age of 40 (be careful with this one, you could easily die of alcohol poisoning).
5) Take a drink for every single mother that appears.
6) Take a drink whenever someone cries onscreen.
7) Take a drink whenever someone mentions men disparagingly.

Also, Cracked has a list of the 8 Least Intimidating Gangs in Movie History. I don't know anything about the writer of this particular piece, but how can any list like this be complete without mentioning Breakin II: Electric Boogaloo?

Finally, my review of "Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull": Aside from me taking a snooze about midway through. I can't think of anything memorable about the movie. Except for thinking about 5 minutes after waking up during the film, what a waste of $7.50.

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