Friday, May 04, 2007

The MSNBC "debate"

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The questions that were asked of the candidates for the most part were dumb. Especially the ones that were read from the website

Chris Matthews was the worst choice possible as moderator. Keith Olbermann doing the post debate show? Ridiculous. had quoteworthy commentary:

The democratic candidates wouldn't go on Fox because they said Brit Hume is
biased. But, they have no problem whatsoever with letting Chris Matthews host
the republican candidates who had the decency to appear on MSNBC.

Here was one of the last questions that Matthews asked last night at the Republican debate: “Would it be good for America to have Bill Clinton back living in the White House?” No bias at all. At the next debate, the moderator should ask the candidates "Would it be good for America to have Carter back living in the White House?"

Mitt Romney came across as very presidential, but he reminded me a little too much of George Hamilton: a little too polished and too slick.

Ron Paul is the dark horse candidate, a lot of his positions do not hold sway with the social conservatives of the Republican party, however, his stances appeal to the activist/internet generation. Which skews, I believe a lot more libertarian anyways. The war in Iraq would be the achilles heel for obtaining the nomination for Dr. Paul in the sense that most of the Republican party is wedded to staying in Iraq for as long as it takes. Dr. Paul's position on leaving immediately could be labeled as "cut and run" by his opponents.

No questions on nominating justices to the Supreme Court? If there were any comments about it I missed it.

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