Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Trial of the Century

Whether you believe that there is no law that makes anyone liable to pay income taxes or not, it's fascinating listening to the audioblog entries regarding Irwin Schiff's criminal trial. The man is representing himself and is fighting for his life. He has both the judge and the prosecution as his adversaries. All of the entries are based on observations from the peanut gallery (an MSM blackout is in effect). But it seems as if Irwin is able to get his message out and the jury is listening.

Today's entries deal with among other things, the testimony of the IRS agent who signed off on taking one hundred percent of Irwin's social security check. The IRS agent based his authority for his action on a specific code section. That code section (which the agent read out loud in court) specifically limits the amount that can be levied to fifteen percent. The response to that fact by the judge and the IRS agent is telling. For more, listen here:

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