Sunday, May 22, 2005

Everything I need to know I Iearned in 8th Grade

Look how much "progress" we've made in 100 hundred years. Click on this link to see the 8th grade FINAL EXAM from an elementary school in Kansas in 1895. No wonder it was so rare for people to go to college back then. I wonder how many people graduating from college over the next few months would fare in taking this exam.

Lets hear it for government schools.

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Christopher Stroup said...

I did OK on the American History questions, but I did very poorly on all others, and I just graduated from law school, and am preparing to take what is considered one of the hardest examinations in the known universe, the California Bar Examination. (Run-on sentence) I'm glad that I have the Bar Exam, and not this exam to prepare for.

Anonymous said...

That is pretty hard - L